​SI with Shiho

佐藤志穂は理学療法士であり、2009年以来アメリカGuild for Structural Integration認定のアドバンスド・プラクティショナーです、現在は主に北海道札幌市とチリ・サンチアゴ市で活動しています。

​Shiho is an experienced Physical Therapist and also an active Advanced Practitioner from The Guild for Structural Integration in USA since 2009, she is currently practicing in Sapporo in Japan and Santiago in Chile.

​When you feel like your body needs to get refreshed from stresses and raise up capacity, like as a fresh plant expanding with Spring Sun energy, Shiho can offer you Basic 10 session series, or a trial session.

If you have already had experiences of Basic 10, she can tune a flash (single) session or three session series (sometime plan an additional treatment for traumas), also Advanced 5 series for your profound challenge and growth.